Bridges Inc.

Launching September 2017

About Us

We're the next-generation platform for all matching applications. In short, we make the libraries and APIs and people around the world can develop the matching algorithms themselves, with little to no code! If you're a developer just utilize our developer tools and, with ease, create your own algorithms for all sorts of matching needs.

As a consumer, our platform is perfect for all of your matching needs. We are the only platform that will be available for your to match with others catered towards your specific needs. Want to meet up with strangers and/or friends at the park to play some basketball? Want to meet business partners or investors? We've got you covered!

Proprietary Libraries

Our libraries make it easy to develop matching algorithms with little to no code. Have a brilliant idea for a matching application?

Professional Networking

Need to find an investor? Need to find an experienced business partner? Bridges is the perfect platform for you to utilize!

Recreational Meetups

Bored? Want to meet new people and hang out? Match safely and efficiently with strangers who fit your specific matching criteria!

Earn Money

Have a great idea for a matching application? Develop it using our libraries and earn a prenegotiated revenue stream percentage!

It's Time to Build Your Bridges

Value networking recreationally? Bored over the summer and want to find some people located closeby to go to the park but can't find anyone? Run a small business and can't find the perfect business partners or investors? It's time to build your bridges by utilizing our powerful algorithms to meet the perfect people for the perfect occasion!

Get in Touch

Interested in being a part of our private beta test or joining our team? Contact us below!

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Contact Details

Mobile: 510-552-0591
Skype: levensti